Wind Power

We started incorporating wind energy as a least-cost option for our customers before it was a requirement. We own about 138 MW and purchase more than 107 MW of emission-free, renewable wind generation, which supplies about 19 percent of our retail sales. Between 2017 and 2021 we'll consider adding up to 300 MW of wind energy to our mix.

Enjoy these photo galleries, facts, and figures about our owned wind resources and power-purchase agreements. We also encourage you to learn about our TailWinds program, which allows you to designate wind resources toward powering your home or business.

Ashtabula wind energy center

Ashtabula Wind Energy Center
Barnes County, ND

North Dakota Wind 2

North Dakota Wind II
Edgeley, ND
Kulm, ND

Langdon wind energy center

Langdon Wind Energy Center
Langdon, ND

Ashtabula III
NE Barnes County, ND

Luverne wind farm

Luverne Wind Farm
Griggs & Steele Counties, ND