Our Environmental Commitment

Our employees and many shareholders call our service area home. We are known for our work ethic, honesty, and stewardship of the area's natural resources. And because a wholesome environment is essential to a satisfying quality of life, we place respect for the environment at the forefront of our operations. We want our communities and their surroundings to have clean air, land, and water resources. We want them to support wildlife, wildflowers, fish, and local parks.

In addition to complying with existing environmental regulatory requirements, we go a step beyond.

  • We relocated an ash site near Hoot Lake Plant and restored the area as a flood plain along the Otter Tail River. As part of the restoration project, we worked with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to provide suitable spawning and nesting habitat. The Fergus Falls Fish and Game Club provided new wood duck nesting boxes, which we installed along the river to improve the wood duck population.
  • We have installed several avian protection measures on our transmission and distribution lines to direct flight and protect against avian interactions.
  • Our two largest power plants utilize closed cycle cooling which is considered the best technology available to minimize aquatic impacts from water intake structures.

Climate change

We recognize concerns regarding climate change. Through various programs—including renewable energy development, conservation and demand-side management programs, power plant efficiency improvements, and participation in industry research—our commitment to the environment continues.

And if you have questions regarding our environmental policies contact us.

Our commitment to renewable energy

We evaluate electric generation resources and identify the most cost-effective resource combination for affordability, reliability, achievability, and environmental responsibility. Renewable energy is included in that resource combination. Learn about: