Resource Plan

Our 2017-2031 Resource Plan identifies the most cost-effective combination of resources for meeting our customers’ needs for reliable service during the next 15 years. We selected our plan based on reliability, affordability, achievability, and environmental responsibility.

Highlights from our resource plan include:

wind solar natural gas

Adding up to 200 megawatts (MW) of wind generation by 2020. Learn about our Merricourt wind project. And, if our company deems additional wind necessary as part of a least-cost plan, we have authorization to add 200 MW more in the 2022-2023 timeframe.

Adding 30 MW of solar generation by 2020.

Adding approximately 250 MW of natural gas generation in 2021. Learn about Astoria Station.

Importance of stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement was an important step in our planning process because our service area stretches across three states with differing regulatory policies and philosophies. We met with regulators and organizations in all three states to gain perspective and create a resource plan that balances needs and resources.

2017-2031 Resource Plan