Bring Light to Life

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Spreading light, cheer, and joy!

As we close out 2020, let's all do what we can to bring light to life. It's time to connect, make people smile, and spread calm and space in this noisy word.

Weekly challenges

As we joined forces to bring light to life this holiday season, our eight-week series of fun—and impactful—weekly challenges is coming to a close. From honoring our veterans and practicing kindness, to lighting up our communities and Operation No Gift Left Behind, we hope these challenges sparked cheer and joy.

Wednesday, November 11, was Veterans Day, our country's national holiday to honor American veterans.

Bring light to life by expressing your appreciation to our veterans! We encouraged you to:

  1. Write a note of thanks and share it with a veteran (or safely deliver it to your local Veterans Home, VFW, American Legion, or other veterans' organization). Enlist the help of your kids or other family members—get creative!
  2. Observe the Veterans Day Moment of Silence. On November 11 at 1:11 p.m. take two minutes to recognize and reflect on the service and sacrifice of all veterans—past and present.

Bring light to life by coloring the season with cheer!

  1. Get creative—participate in your own way! Send an original work of art to someone who needs extra cheer or donate art supplies to your local community center, YMCA, children's museum, or daycare.
  2. Check out our festive Ollie the Otter coloring page. Print it for the littles in your life just for fun, then help them share completed pages with us by Wednesday, December 2, for a chance to be featured in a local newspaper.

Bring light to life by practicing random acts of kindness!

Write a note to tell someone how they’ve positively impacted your life, make a care package for a friend or stranger in need, donate blood, congratulate a coworker for a job well done, or rake leaves/shovel snow for a neighbor.

Bring light to life by lighting up our communities!

There’s something magical about holiday light displays that bring cheer and joy to the season. Help a friend or neighbor put up holiday lights or decorations. Working together (while safely distanced!) can bring light to life—both in your homes and in your hearts.

Bring light to life by sweetening someone's day! 

Spreading joy and kindness doesn't have to be complicated. It can be a simple gesture such as sharing a treasured family recipe or a sweet treat! This week share your favorite holiday cookies! Post your recipe and/or bake up and (safely) drop off a batch for your family, friends, or neighbors to enjoy. 

Use #BringLightToLife to share your recipe with us on Facebook. Don't forget to include a picture of your baking process and/or final product.

On December 14 we'll randomly select five submissions to receive an otter-shaped cookie cutter. 

Bring light to life by making sure everyone experiences the joy of the holiday season!

Our week-six challenge is to find a gift tree in your area and sponsor a child or family. By giving back to those in need, you can help #BringLightToLife this holiday season. 

Our week-seven challenge is to make sure the people in our lives know exactly how much they mean to us. Who in your life are you most grateful for?

This week, make a phone call, send a text or card in the mail, or share a gift or gesture to show your appreciation. Let those in your life know what a gift they are to you!

Bringing light to life in 2020 and beyond!

2020 was quite the year! It was full of challenges and unexpected adjustments—both professionally and personally. While this year wasn’t perhaps all we hoped and planned it would be, it’s still important to celebrate.

Our week-eight challenge is to pause and reflect on 2020, celebrate the good, and continue to look for ways to bring light to life in 2021. Check out our video for ideas! And enjoy the special music provided by Otter Tail Power Company Surveyor Ty Stortroen, his 10-year-old daughter Elly, and Otter Tail Power Company Brand Strategy Specialist Sarah Derosier.

Happy New Year!


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