Contractor Cash

Increase your profits with a SmartHeat rebate

We're pleased to introduce our contractor incentive program to reward you for the sale and installation of SmartHeat’s ThermaRay earth thermal storage systems. Earn $40 per kilowatt (kW) on up to 200 kW per customer!

How it works

  • Sell and install a qualified Thermaray system to an Otter Tail Power Company customer.
  • Size the system appropriately in accordance with our company's standards, including sand base depth to ensure adequate capacity to heat the space during the longest control period allowed by the rate on which it's served.
  • Contact SmartHeat at 800-656-1291 for product training to ensure proper installation.

  • Receive your incentive—$20 per kW installed from SmartHeat and $20 per kW installed through us after we process your customer's rebate.

Contact SmartHeat at 800-656-1291 for information about Thermaray.

Your customer earns a rebate too!

We offer customers a rebate of $40 per kW for up to 500 kW of installed thermal storage that's served on our Fixed Time of Delivery, Deferred Load, or Residential Demand Control Rate. Learn more about our money-saving rates.