Electric Plenum Heaters

A plenum heater is an electric resistance heating device that is installed in the plenum, which is the spot in the ductwork system where ducting and furnace join. Air is heated as it flows across electric elements and then is distributed through the existing ductwork.

It’s a low-cost way to upgrade your heating system and turn your fossil-fuel furnace into a dual-fuel system, which allows you to take advantage of our off-peak rates. Your HVAC contractor can tell you if you have adequate space in your plenum to add a plenum heater. They can be installed while remodeling or during new construction and provide 100 percent efficient electric heat.

  • Pick the Application Right for You

    • Meet your home's total heating needs.
    • Add to a fossil fuel system to create a dual-fuel heating system.
    • Provide supplemental heating when installed with a heat pump. You’ll get a combined efficiency of about 130 percent.
  • Save With Off-Peak Rates

    You can operate a plenum heater on our General Service Rate or install it as part of a qualified off-peak program, including Dual Fuel or RDC, which are up to 30 percent less than the standard price per kilowatt-hour. If a plenum heater is installed on an off-peak rate, part of the installation cost may include a meter socket, service panel, or wiring.

  • Learn More

    Contact our Idea Center online or call 800-493-3299 to find out if a plenum heater is right for you.

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