An air-source heat pump is more efficient

It just works!

man standing by air-source heat pump

We could explain how air-source heat pumps use the principles of thermodynamics and pressure to influence temperature, but if you’re like most, what you really want to know is these appliances do the job of both heating units and air conditioners. This saves energy, and in some cases, reduces your heating costs by half.

Are air-source heat pumps really up to 400% efficient?

While most heating systems burn fuel, heat pumps move heat instead of making it. So even though heat pumps run on electricity, they all deliver more energy than they use.

And improved technologies within new air-source heat pump systems mean that some perform at much higher efficiencies.

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How much can I save?

When installed in our climate, you’ll need supplemental heating for the very coldest days of the year. These combined systems will save you 30% to 50% on your heating costs when they're installed on an off-peak rate.

And cold-climate models are designed to save even more—providing all the heat you require down to temperatures of -10 degrees.

Will it work in my home or business?

Very likely! Air-source heat pumps work with most heating systems. And because a heat pump provides summertime cooling too, it works all year round.

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