Energy Control and Declared-Peak Pricing Notices

Customers who partner with us in energy control can sign up to receive email notices about energy-control events and declared-peak prices.

Energy-control notices—sign up for one or both

  1. Anticipated-control email notices tell you when we expect control activity but have not yet started. When conditions indicate in advance that control is likely, we will send these notices a day ahead. They contain our best estimate of when control will start and end. Unfortunately, not all control events are known in advance. So, anticipated-control notices are not sent for all control events.
  2. Actual-control email notices tell you when control begins. We send these notices according to your ZIP code and rate. This allows you to choose the notices that are valuable for you. Notices may vary by rate groups.

Declared-peak pricing notices

If you’re on the Irrigation Rate-Option 2 or the General Service Time of Use Rate you may want to sign up to get day-ahead declared-peak pricing notices. We include the hours affected and the price per kilowatt-hour that will be in effect. Based on that information, you can choose whether to:

  1. Shut off electrical loads to avoid paying a peak price.
  2. Continue typical energy use at the higher price during the declared-peak hours.

Hours and pricing vary by state and rate.

To sign up for notices log in above and follow the "My Profile" link, then select "Update Email Alerts".

How to get started

  • Register now and select the energy-control email alerts that you need for your location and load type.
  • If you’re already registered on our website, log in above and select My Profile and then Update Email Alerts to add or modify your email alerts.

Not interested in email? Anticipated energy control and current and recent energy control information is available on this site.