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Information about important updates, programs, incentives, and payment options, as well as energy- and money-saving tips.

December 2018
November 2018
  1. Evaluate your energy use with Home Energy Analyzer.
  2. Start saving on electric water heaters with rebates and money-saving rates.
  3. Bill payment assistance for military personnel in Minnesota.
  4. Minnesota Renewable Resource Cost Recovery Rider adjustment
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Customer Connection newsletters

Energy news for our customers.

December 2018

  • Find more outage information online
  • Use a smart thermostat to help you save
  • How to stay warm--and safe--with electric devices
  • Employee profile
  • Try a new way to drive
  • Learn about your electricity
  • Baked Chopped Suey recipe

December 2018: Business edition

  • Cut costs with energy-efficient lighting
  • Heat storage systems are 100% efficient
  • Find more outage information online
  • Prepare your business for winter storms

October 2018

  • Helping our communities thrive
  • Stay secure online
  • October is National Energy Awareness Month
  • Employee profile
  • Prevent fire risk by using extension cords correctly
  • Barbecued Meatballs recipe

August 2018
Business edition

  • Thermal-storage systems offer 100% efficiency and comfort
  • EV charging stations provide a new way to drive
  • See what's relevant to you on


  • Our linemen help to safely deliver reliable electricity
  • Energy-related word search
  • Flashlight games
  • How we generate electricity
  • Program for savings with a smart thermostat
  • Campfire Potatoes recipe

June 2018

April 2018: Business edition

  • Cold climate heat pumps - the right choice
  • LEDs are a bright choice
  • Service your rooftop unit to reduce your bill

March 2018

  • Take a look at LEDs
  • Reduce energy costs with electric water heating
  • Consider electrical safety when burning ditches
  • Employee profile
  • Chili recipe

January 2018

November 2017

  • Our service area Astoria, SD
  • Electronic billing offers convenient benefits
  • Seal air leaks to see savings
  • Safe vehicle backing tips
  • Employee profile
  • Sausage Casserole recipe

September 2017

  • Our service area Winger, MN
  • Invest in LEDs
  • What to do during a power outage
  • Your electricity - Understand the cost of components
  • Employee profile
  • Survey results
  • Apple Pannekoken recipe