pay online with ePay

It's free, easy, and mobile!

Schedule payments from your checking or savings accounts with ePay anytime and from nearly anywhere. ePay is free, designed for easy access on the go, and allows you to:

  • Choose when and how your payments are made.
  • Share your account management with family members, roommates, or business partners.
  • Access up to 30 months of your bill history.
  • Choose text or email notifications to help manage your billing and payments.

Your account information is kept private through a secure server. With a single login you can access all your accounts (home, business, cabin, etc.). And if you're enrolled in our Stock Purchase program, you also can buy stock through the ePay site when you're paying your electric bill.

Enroll and Pay with ePay

How it works

  • An email or text message notifies you that your bill is available to view (you'll no longer receive a paper copy of your bill).
  • Choose the date your payment will process when you schedule your payments each month.
  • Or, set up a recurring profile for automatic payments, and we'll schedule your payment to process five days prior to your due date for the full amount of your bill.
  • All payments are posted to your account within two business days after the payment processes and your bank account has been charged.

Payment options

  • Set up automatic payments. Create a recurring payment profile, and your bill will be paid from your bank account five days before the due date each month. The automatic payment will be for the full billed amount. Automatic payments begin with the next billing cycle after you sign up.
  • Manage your account monthly. You determine the date and amount you want to pay.

Both options allow you to modify your payment at anytime while the payment is in scheduled status.

How to sign up

If you haven't signed up as a registered user on our website, you'll need to create your web registration and enroll in electronic billing before you can view and pay your bill with ePay.

If you've already signed up as a registered user on our website, log in above and click on electronic billing to enroll!

Still have questions?

Check out these frequently asked questions about ePay.