ePay Paperless Billing

Smart, easy, and secure

Schedule payments from your checking or savings account with ePay anytime and from nearly anywhere. ePay is designed for easy access on the go and is the smart way to pay.

Enroll and pay with ePay

How it works

  • An email message notifies you when your account has been billed. You'll no longer receive a monthly paper copy of your bill.
  • Choose text, email, or voicemail notifications to help manage your billing and payments.
  • Choose the date your payment will process when you schedule your payments each month or set up automatic payments.
  • Plus, ePay allows you to buy Otter Tail Corporation stock when you're enrolled in our Customer Stock Purchase Plan.

Payment options

  • Set up automatic payments. Look for the Manage Autopay link. Your bill will be paid from your bank account each month. Automatic payments begin with the next billing cycle after you sign up.
  • Manage your account monthly. If autopay isn't for you, you can determine the date and amount you want to pay each month.
  • Enroll in pay-by-text. Receive an SMS text message that allows you to pay by sending a reply code. Payments process that day for the full amount.

ePay allows you to modify or cancel your payment at anytime while the payment is in scheduled status. We encourage you to schedule your electronic payment no later than 5 p.m. Central Time on your due date.

How to sign up

If you've never registered as a user on our website, you'll need to create a web registration and enroll in electronic billing before you can pay your bill with ePay.

If you've already registered on our website, log in above and click on Paperless Billing/ePay on your My Account page to enroll.

How to unenroll

If you no longer want your account to be on paperless billing, you can remove it. Simply log in and from your My Account page click on the 'Paperless Billing & ePay' button under the Account section. Next, select 'Unenroll' for the appropriate account. You'll see a prompt confirming that your account was removed from paperless billing.

When you unenroll, your banking information will be deleted and any pending payments will be cancelled.

Still have questions?

Check out these frequently asked questions about ePay.