FAQs about ePay

Will I be notified when my bill is ready?

  • Yes. You'll be notified when your statement is ready. An email always is sent when you have a new bill for your account. And you may choose to receive this and other payment related notifications by SMS text message or voice message.
  • Sign up by clicking on the Manage Alerts link within the ePay system.

Why will I no longer receive my paper statement?

  • We discontinue sending paper bills to those enrolled in ePay as a cost-savings measure. Bill inserts and newsletters that would've been included with your paper bill are available online. Bills are available under Billing history on your My Account page. You may build up to 24 months of billing history and download or print bills as needed. 

When will my payments be applied?

  • We encourage you to schedule your electronic payment at the latest by 5 p.m. Central Time on your due date to ensure it's applied to your account prior to your next billing.

What if I don't want my bank account charged this month?

  • You have the option of editing or cancelling a payment while it's in scheduled status by logging in to our website. Payments that are no longer in scheduled status cannot be edited or cancelled because they've already begun to process through the banking system.

Can I choose when you'll process my payment?

  • Yes. You can choose to schedule your payment each month rather than using the automatic payment option.

What should I do if I change bank accounts?

  • Log in to the ePay section of this website. Open the menu in the upper left corner of the ePay dashboard and click on Manage Payment Accounts and then Add Bank Account and add your new banking information.
  • Delete out-of-date banking information only after a new account is added.
  • If you're enrolled in automatic debit, please follow these steps to change the bank account used for automatic payments. By completing the steps in this order, you'll ensure you don't cancel your automatic payment enrollment or any scheduled payments:
    1. Open the menu in the upper left corner of the ePay dashboard and click on Manage Payment Accounts.
    2. Select the Add Bank Account button.
    3. Enter your new payment account information and click submit. 
    4. Next, click on Manage AutoPay and select Edit.
    5. Select the new bank account from the drop-down menu next to Payment Account.
    6. Check "I agree" and then submit.
  • If you have a payment scheduled, you also may change the funding account that's used to process that payment. To do this:
    1. Click on Payment History.
    2. Select the Edit button next to the payment you wish to modify.
    3. Select the new bank account from the drop-down menu labeled Payment Account.
    Only once you've completed these steps should you remove the out-of-date banking. To do that, return to the Manage Payment Accounts page and delete your old bank account. Your automatic payments won't be disrupted and future payments will be taken from your new bank account.

Does ePay allow me to use more than one bank account to manage my account?

  • Yes. You can have multiple banks included on your ePay profile. Add additional accounts on the Manage Payment Accounts page.
  • If you choose to schedule your payments yourself each month, you can make payments from any of your available bank account options.

May I use the ePay service anytime, day or night?

  • The electronic payment options are available 24 hours a day. Please note, we will not generate billing statements or process payments on Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays when our offices are closed.
  • Payments scheduled over the weekend will post to your account within two business days.

What happens if my bank says the funds aren't available?

  • If a payment is rejected by your bank we'll notify you by email or text message (if you've subscribed to receive that alert). A fee may be charged to your account. Frequent bad payments through ePay can result in cancellation of your ePay service.

What happens when my account has a credit balance?

  • Credit balances will carry forward to your next bill to reduce any balance owed. In fact, if you choose to, you may prepay your account.
  • Automatic payments always are based on the balance due and reflected on your most recent billing statement. If there's a credit balance on the account at billing, no automatic payment is scheduled. If a credit is applied after billing, your automatic payment will still process for the amount owed at billing.

May I pay someone else's account using ePay?

  • Yes, if the account owner has authorized you to access the account, then you may register that account with your web registration and bank account.
  • Please note, if at any time the account owner does not wish to be enrolled in ePay, your enrollment also will be cancelled.

Can I enroll more than one Otter Tail Power Company account?

  • Yes. You can have up to 25 accounts associated with a single web registration. ePay lets you manage home, cabin, business, and any other accounts. And you can link each account to a different funding source, or you can use a common account. For example, you can handle your business bills separately from your home account.
  • To enroll a large number of accounts in ePay, we suggest enrolling five at a time to avoid receiving a webpage error.

What happens if I lose access to my computer?

  • If loss of computer or smartphone access is long-term, you may unenroll from ePay. Doing this will cancel all scheduled payments and remove your banking information from your ePay enrollment. We'll send you a paper statement, and you may pay through one of our other payment methods. Call 800-257-4044 for more information.