Even Monthly Payment

Your electric use changes with the seasons—and so does your bill.

Make budgeting easier

This free service can help you manage your budget by making electric service bills predictable. The Even Monthly Payment (EMP) plan doesn't reduce your energy costs, but it divides them evenly over each month of the year so you pay the same amount each month.

We determine a monthly payment based on the average of your last 12 months' electricity use so you'll know the amount of your monthly payments in advance. We’ll review your account every 4 months to ensure that your payment continues to be in line with your energy use. If your energy use is significantly higher or lower, we’ll adjust your EMP amount to help you stay on track. Once a year we'll settle any differences between the energy you used and the energy for which you’ve paid. And we’ll pay interest on your average daily credit balance.

Enroll in Even Monthly Payment

If it doesn't work for you, it's easy to return to conventional billing.

Combine EMP with other options

Once your bill is on the EMP plan you may want to further simplify bill payment by enrolling in one of these payment programs:

  • Ready Check allows you to pay your bill automatically each month from your bank account.
  • ePay paperless billing is our free electronic billing and payment program. You can choose to schedule payments to fit your needs or to enroll in the automatic payment option.

Frequently asked questions

Why is EMP better than paying Otter Tail Power Company for what I use each month?

  • Energy bills are usually higher during the winter than the summer because of the cold weather. But most household incomes don't increase in the winter! Even Monthly Payment allows you to pay about the same amount each month. That makes budgeting much easier.

What if I pay too much or too little on the EMP plan?

  • We keep a running balance of any over or under payments made through Even Monthly Payment. If you have a credit balance of more than $100 at the end of your budget year, we'll send you a refund check. If your account has used more than you've paid, or if your credit is less than $100, we'll prorate the carryover balance and spread the amount over next year's budget.

Can I start on Even Monthly Payment any time of the year?

  • Yes, just complete our online EMP enrollment form or contact a customer service representative at 800-257-4044.

Will my EMP budget amount ever change?

  • We review accounts three times a year and make adjustments to your EMP amount to help you stay on track. Unusual weather, lifestyle changes, or equipment changes can change the amount of electricity you use.

Do you have any other requirements for participating in EMP?

  • We appreciate prompt payment. If you incur late-payment charges, we may remove you from the plan. Minnesota rules require that we offer EMP to all customers regardless of their payment history. But we may place customers with an outstanding balance on a budget-payment plan that includes repayment of the outstanding balance. And if the account is more than 60 days past due, we'll remove the account from EMP and the full balance will become due.