RDC Calculator

To use this calculator, you'll need to gather information about your present heating system and your energy costs. You'll need:

  • The age or efficiency of your present heating system.
  • The amount and type of fuel you've used over a one-year period.
  • The price you paid for that fuel.

This tool will calculate your Btu requirements based on your past use of fossil fuels and apply the Residential Demand Control Rate for your state to your heating energy and household electricity use.

Rate calculations include rates, adjustments, and riders effective September 2019.

Fuel type now being used for heat:
Do you know your furnace's efficiency percentage?
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Electric use for the past 12 months
Electric service cost for the past 12 months

Demand is the rate of energy consumption per unit of time. It is the sum of the wattage requirements of all electric devices operating at a given time and is measured in kilowatts.

With an RDC installation customers establish a demand setting at which to operate their home during control periods. Demand settings usually range from 3 kilowatts to 6 kilowatts but may be as high as 8 kilowatts.

Customers pay a set energy rate per kilowatt-hour used plus a demand charge based on the highest kilowatt reading that is metered during a winter control period during the last 12 months.

Estimated demand setting for RDC
State you live in: