Rate Analysis and Research Assistance

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Let our energy experts analyze how your business uses energy—and show you energy-efficient, money-saving rate options that will reduce the amount of electricity you use and the rate at which you use it.

Program details

Three factors determine your electric service bill:

  • The amount of electricity you use.
  • The rate applied to your electricity use.
  • The time of day you use electricity.

By analyzing the times you use electricity, our energy experts can suggest effective load-management practices and possible rate changes that can help you save.

Our special rate programs offer flexibility and substantial savings:

  • Money-Saving Rates - Qualify for discounted rates when you permit us to curtail loads in your facility during periods of high demand on our electrical system.
  • Declared peak-time-of-use pricing programs alert you a day in advance to let you know when declared peak pricing will be in effect. You can choose whether to run your commercial applications during that time.

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