Air Conditioning

Efficient air-conditioning options exist for all types of homes and businesses. Choose your summer cooling from these options.

Central air conditioning

Central air conditioning uses the ductwork connected with the heating system to distribute cooled and conditioned air throughout the space. Central air conditioners cost less than air-source heat pumps but don't deliver the benefit of highly efficient heating that air-source heat pumps offer.

Central air-conditioning systems (and heat pumps served on a general service rate) are eligible to participate in our CoolSavings air-conditioning cycling program, which pays a monthly credit from June through September when you allow us to cycle your system on and off during peak or emergency situations. You’ll stay cool and save!

Ductless air conditioning

No ductwork? No problem. Ductless air-conditioning options make it possible to install quiet, efficient air conditioning in your home or business where there is no ductwork system. They:

  • Consist of one or more quiet, compact indoor air-distribution units linked by refrigeration lines to an efficient outdoor compressor.
  • Eliminate costly remodeling projects and the security risk of window units.
  • Are a low cost solution.

Ductless air-conditioning systems do not qualify for our CoolSavings program.

High-velocity air conditioning

High-velocity air-conditioning systems distribute cooled air at higher speeds through insulated, flexible tubes that may be installed in closets, between wall studs or ceiling joists, and around obstructions to reach every room without major remodeling. Main trunks may only be six inches in diameter, with delivery ducts possibly only three inches in diameter. The tubing system connects to a compact, quiet compressor that can be fitted in an attic, basement, or crawl space. Featured on remodeling shows like This Old House, high-velocity air conditioning is a great answer for historic homes.

Additional options for air conditioning

Window, wall-mount, and portable air conditioners also are available as low-cost options.

Talk to your local HVAC contractor for help selecting the best air-conditioning option for your home or business.