Air Purification

Clean air is essential! Air purification technologies are available to help keep you, your building, and the people who visit healthy.

Bipolar ionization

Bipolar ionization (BI) uses electric voltage to generate positive and negative ions from oxygen molecules. The positive and negative ions generated by a BI system attract and attach to mold, odor, bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and viruses. Once connected, it produces a reaction that disables and inactivates airborne contaminants. Additionally, charged ions bond the inactivated pathogens into larger masses that are easier to catch in filters.

Bipolar ionization is used across the United States in major airports and hospitals, including LAX, John Hopkins University, and The White House.

Energy savings

Manufacturers claim energy savings will result from lower make-up air requirements. Reducing make-up air requirements means building HVAC systems won't need to heat or cool new air supplies. Some retailers claim their customers also found reductions in peak load levels. 

Germicidal ultraviolet light

A germicidal UV system consists of several UV lamps sealed within a building's air handling system. Germicidal UV systems use the UV-C band of ultraviolet waves (between 200-280 nanometers) to disable microbes by breaking apart the DNA or RNA and leaving the microbe unable to function or reproduce. UV-C light must directly hit the microbe to be effective. The longer the exposure, the more effective it is at killing. It's successful on molds, bacteria, viruses, and VOCs. UV light cannot inactivate odor molecules.

It's important to note that UV-C is the only wavelength of ultraviolet light that will render viruses inactive. UV-A has no benefits in killing microorganisms, and UV-B is only effective as a germicide.

Energy savings

Third-party evidence shows that UV-C lighting in an HVAC system may also provide energy savings of about 4.5% from cleaner coils. Some sellers claim that savings can be near the 20% mark.

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Please note: Manufacturer information is provided as a courtesy and is not intended as an endorsement. Speak to your local HVAC contractor for advice about air purification for your home or business.

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