Fan-Forced Heating

Fan-forced electric heat has been around for decades, making bathrooms, dens, basements, breezeways, and seldom-used rooms more comfortable in an instant.

The concept is simple: A fan blows air across an electric heating element and is controlled by a built-in thermostat. Everything is contained in a compact unit. You get 100% efficient heating, low-cost installation, and low-maintenance operation.

Today's units are quieter and more reliable and attractive than ever. They can be precisely sized and individually controlled, meaning you'll use energy only when you need it. Consider drop-in and recessed designs to fit into register openings, cabinet kick spaces, or between wall studs. A variety of wattages are available. 


  • Fast heating so you'll feel the heat immediately.
  • Economical to operate. Save money when you operate the heater only while the space is being used.
  • Versatile with units sized to fit between studs, into floor registers, or into kick spaces.
  • Low cost to install and simple to maintain
  • 100% efficient!

Save with off-peak rates

For small installations in one or two rooms, our General Service Rate may be the most cost effective and will provide the most flexible use of the system. As part of a whole-home system, fan-forced heating units can be included as part of an off-peak system on our Dual Fuel or RDC Rates. Additional wiring and metering is required for off-peak systems. But savings from off-peak rates can be significant.  

Learn more

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