Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

Air-to-water heat pumps (AWHPs) are an emerging technology that improve the efficiency of hydronic underfloor heat storage systems by using free energy available in outdoor air and transferring it through water for heating. Some AWHPs operate efficiently down to -10°F while maintaining efficiencies above 150%. And systems can include electric resistance backup heating for the coldest weather.

Benefits of AWHPs

Air-to-water heat pumps:

  • Provide a high-efficiency new or replacement option where an electric boiler would typically be used.
  • Are a great alternative for locations where geothermal isn't feasible due to land space requirements.
  • Can be designed to provide domestic hot water (DHW) preheating to increase energy savings.

Rebates available

  • $400 per ton rebate for an AWHP system that has proof of the following ratings:
    • 1.7 or greater COP at A5W110 rating (outdoor air temperature of 5°F and output water supply of 110°F).
    • This rebate is not limited by rate on which the unit is served.

Buffer tank rebate

This technology qualifies for an additional rebate of $200 per ton if a buffer tank with heating coils is installed and used for domestic hot water preheating. This additional rebate is based on the size of the associated heat pump equipment and limited to a maximum of 20 tons. 

Learn more

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