Radiant-Heat Systems

Sunshine is radiant heat. And like the sun, radiant-heat systems warm the people and objects in a space long before warming the air temperature. That makes radiant heating more comfortable.

Radiant heat can travel in any direction and is unaffected by gravity. You won't need ceiling fans to return the heat to where it's needed. You feel the warmth where you’re working or playing.

Radiant-heat systems allow you to be more comfortable at a lower thermostat setting so you can save energy.

Living room with arrows indicating heat coming up from floor

With radiant heat, the distribution of warmth is even between the floor and ceiling to maintain ideal temperatures.

Living room with arrows showing airflow moving in a circular motion through room

Conventional forced-air systems use moving air to deliver heat, creating drafts and temperature swings.


  • Systems don't require hot-air registers or cold-air returns that can disrupt walls or interfere with furniture placement.
  • Heat consists of long-wave radiant energy, which is the most efficient form of heat transfer.
  • Heating is silent and draft-free.
  • Heating is 100% efficient.
  • Airborne dust, pollen, and germs circulated by forced-air systems are reduced thanks to no blowing air.
  • The relative humidity of indoor air is unaffected.

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