Radiant Ceiling Panels

For sunshine-like heating, consider radiant ceiling panels. Install ceiling panels beneath drywall or other materials to provide invisible heating, or mount finished panels directly onto the ceiling.

Like all radiant-heat systems, these panels warm people and objects before surrounding air temperatures rise. 

Pick the application right for you

New construction
Heat a single room or an entire home or business while retaining use of all wall and floor space. For new construction, install radiant ceiling panels behind drywall.

Existing homes
Radiant ceiling panels can be laid into suspended T-bar ceilings, suspended on ropes or chains, or mounted on the ceiling surface. They provide a good heating option for existing spaces.


  • Room-by-room temperature control.
  • Even, comfortable, and clean heat.
  • Worry-free furniture placement.
  • No filters to clean or change.
  • 100% energy efficient.
  • Easy to install. 

Rate options

You can apply radiant ceiling heat to our General Service Rate, or if qualified, as part of an off-peak heating system. 

If you install radiant ceiling panels under one of our off-peak programs, you may incur additional costs for wiring and a meter socket. For small installations in one or two rooms, our General Service Rate may be the most cost effective rate to consider and will provide the most flexible use of the system. 

Learn more

Contact our Idea Center or call 800-493-3299 to find out if radiant ceiling panel heating is right for you. 

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