Radiant Cove Heaters

Cove heaters attach to walls about four inches below the ceiling, allowing you the freedom to place your furniture wherever you like. And, because they're mounted out of contact with bedspreads, drapes, furniture, or other objects, they’re safe—especially for spaces where children may play.

You can control room temperatures individually, allowing you to keep heat settings low in seldom-used rooms and higher in rooms used more frequently.


  • Radiant heating warms room occupants with invisible waves of radiant energy.
  • Even heating without the use of blowers and fans mean spaces are more comfortable.
  • Heat flow isn’t blocked by furniture, drapes, or other objects.
  • Units are installed out of contact with pets, children, and objects.
  • Radiant heat offers 100% energy efficiency.
  • Units from 3 feet to 12 feet wide will fit varying room sizes. 

Rate options

You can apply radiant cove heaters to our General Service Rate, or if qualified, install them as part of an off-peak heating system.

If you install radiant cove heat under one of our off-peak programs, you may incur additional costs for wiring and a meter socket. For small installations in one or two rooms, our General Service Rate may be the most cost effective rate to consider and will provide the most flexible use of the system.

Learn more

Contact our Idea Center or call 800-493-3299 to find out if cove heat is right for you. 

You also can consult Comfort Cove, a provider of this technology.

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