Radiant Floor Heat

With radiant floor heating, you can enjoy cozy rooms—even in your bare feet!

Radiant floor heating comes in several designs. Some designs work with new floor installations and others can be installed with existing floors. What they all have in common is that they’ll make floors warm and can fulfill space-heating needs.

These products differ from underfloor heat storage because they lack heat-storage capacity and will cool quickly when shut off. 


  • Temperature control for individual rooms.
  • Silent, inconspicuous operation.
  • Even, comfortable heat distribution.
  • No vents to block furniture placement.
  • No filters to clean or change.
  • 100% energy efficient. 
  • Options for use with wood, laminate, and tile flooring.

Rate options

You can apply radiant floor heat to our General Service Rate, or if qualified, install it as part of our Dual Fuel or Residential Demand Control Rate.

If you install radiant floor heat under one of our off-peak rates, additional wiring and a meter socket may be required. For small installations in one or two rooms, our General Service Rate may be the most cost effective and will provide the most flexible use of the system.

Learn more

Contact our Idea Center or call 800-493-3299 to find out if radiant floor heat is right for you. 

You also can consult these manufacturers to learn more about specific products:

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