Snow and Ice Elimination Systems

Say goodbye to snow shoveling and ice removal! Reduce your risk and provide safe, trouble-free access to and from your home or business.

Pick the application right for you

Embedded cables or panels
If you're installing a sidewalk, new steps, or a driveway, consider installing electric heating cables or panels.

  • Cables heat up when energized to deliver just enough heat to melt ice and snow.
  • You can position panels to fit most areas.

Some systems automatically turn on when sensors detect low temperatures and precipitation. Other systems use timers or manual on/off switches. 

Infrared heat lamps
Quartz infrared heat lamps are another option for melting snow and ice, with the added benefit of lighting the area and the option to be installed in new and retrofit projects. Infrared lamps are perfect solutions for commercial businesses, hotels, motels, schools, and restaurants with high traffic. These lamps increase the safety of customers who walk from your parking lot to your reception lobby.

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Contact our Idea Center via email or call 800-493-3299 to find out which snow and ice elimination system is right for you. 

You also can consult Thermaray, a provider of this technology.

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