Thermal-Storage Systems

Pick the application right for you

Whether you’re building or remodeling, thermal-storage systems work well to provide comfortable heating and cooling. And they’re available in several technology designs.


During off-peak hours thermal-storage heating systems generate and store heat in sand or specially designed bricks and use it to heat spaces during peak periods. These systems can be installed in homes or businesses, to provide heating for a whole building, a single floor, or an addition. Options include: 


During off-peak hours thermal-storage cooling systems generate ice or cooled water that’s used to cool spaces during peak periods. These systems generally are suited to commercial installations.

Save with off-peak rates

You can operate a thermal storage system on our General Service Rate, or install it as part of a qualified off-peak program, including Dual Fuel, Deferred Load, RDC, or Fixed Time of Delivery, which offer a discounted price per kilowatt-hour. Off-peak installations may require additional wiring, a meter socket, and service panel.

System sizing is important. Systems must be sized to create adequate stores to heat or cool the space during the maximum control period allowed by the rate the system is served on to ensure comfort and to be eligible for rebates.

Rebates are available

Rebates of $40 per kilowatt (kW) are available for the first 200 kW of installed thermal-storage heating or thermal-storage cooling capacity installed on the Deferred Load, Residential Demand Control, or Fixed Time of Delivery Rates. Larger systems may qualify for a $20-per-kilowatt rebate for an additional 1,000 kW installed.

A minimum of 9 kW must be installed. To qualify for a rebate, a system must have adequate storage capacity to heat or cool a space during the maximum control period allowed by the rate.

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