In-Floor Hydronic Heat

Hydronic heating uses liquid as a heat-transfer medium. Heated liquids flow through tubes embedded beneath the floor. An electric boiler or a hydronic storage heater heats the liquid that's circulated through underfloor tubing. The tubes pass through a bed of sand or specially designed bricks to create a heat reservoir.

Hydronic heat storage furnaces can be used to provide off-peak heat for second (or higher) floors of a building and may be installed during remodeling projects. Hydronic underfloor heat storage systems must be installed before the slab is poured during construction.

A hydronic in-floor heating system can be installed as the primary heat source or as a supplemental heat source in homes or businesses.

Note: Be sure to work with a reputable contractor to ensure your system is properly sized and installed to work on your selected rate.


  • Warmth at your feet. You’ll enjoy comfort as heat is distributed evenly across the floor reaching people and objects with no drafts, dust, or uncomfortable dry air.
  • Cleanliness. No dust is circulated, so they're clean and quiet.
  • Effectiveness. You can heat an entire building or use it to supplement another heat source.
  • Convenience. Place your furniture wherever you choose with no vents to get in the way.
  • Efficiency. When you combine the system's 100% energy efficiency with our low off-peak rates, heating is both economical and efficient. 

Rebates are available

Systems installed on our Fixed Time of Delivery, Residential Demand Control, or Deferred Load Rates may qualify for a rebate of $40-per-kilowatt (kW) for up to 500 kW of heating capacity installed.

An electric boiler or electric hydronic furnace installed to serve an in-floor hydronic heating system installed on our Dual Fuel Rate may qualify for a $500 rebate for a 9 kW to 25 kW unit, or a $20 per kW rebate for systems larger than 25 kW.

A minimum of 9 kW must be installed. To qualify for a rebate, your system must have adequate storage capacity to heat the space during the maximum control period allowed by the rate on which it's served. Rebates totaling $10,000 or more require prior approval.

Learn more

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