Thermal-Storage Room Units

With a room-sized thermal-storage unit you can store heat when prices are low and use it when you need it.

During off-peak hours, room units convert low-cost electricity into heat and then store that heat in high-density ceramic bricks. The bricks can store vast amounts of heat for extended periods of time. The heater’s built-in room temperature thermostat is adjustable for your comfort.

Room units are ideal for retrofitting electric baseboard-heated homes, supplementing an existing heating system, heating a new addition or a cold spot in your home, and for large institutional applications such as courthouse, school, or nursing home settings where controlling temperatures at room level is important.


  • Versatility. Get low-cost off-peak heating in your new or existing building. Works great for home additions or large structures such as schools, courthouses, or nursing homes.
  • Cleanliness. No dust is circulated, so the system is clean and quiet.
  • Zoned control. Room-by-room control over heat levels eliminates hot and cold spots common with older central-heating systems.
  • Efficiency. When you combine the system's 100% energy efficiency with our low off-peak programs, heating is economical and efficient.

Rebates are available

Systems installed on the Fixed Time of Delivery, Deferred Load, or RDC Rates may qualify for a rebate of $50-per-kilowatt (kW) for up to 500 kW of heating capacity installed.

A minimum of 9 kW must be installed. To qualify for a rebate, your system must have adequate storage capacity to heat the space during the maximum control period allowed by the rate on which it's served. Rebates totaling $10,000 or more require prior approval.

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