Decorative Lighting

Maintain a safer environment for your community with professionally-designed lighting

Decorative LED lighting


Our decorative LED lighting program offers several benefits to city leaders, administrators, and business managers including:

  • A fixed-fee format that simplifies annual budgeting.
  • Little to no capital investment.
  • Reduced or eliminated need for maintenance staff and equipment.
  • An attractive and turn-key lighting system designed by a lighting-design professional.

How it works

We’ll visit your site with a lighting-industry professional to develop a lighting plan tailored to your community’s needs.

We offer professional installation of industry-leading street and area lighting products with safe and experienced crews.

When installation is complete, we’ll retain ownership of the lighting system assets and add a monthly rental fee to your electric service bill based on the number and type of lighting structures and fixture wattage. The fee will cover materials, installation, energy, and continuous maintenance costs for the light fixtures, poles, and all related equipment.

Post-top options

Holophane Arlington pole-top LED
Holophane Granville II pole-top LED
Holophane Esplanade pendant LED

Pole options

Lighting is provided with the following pole options.

  • A 14-foot pole option is available for pole-top mounted fixtures.
  • A 30-foot pole option is available for pendant fixtures and includes a decorative arm.
  • Each pole has a “twist-lock” 120 volt receptacle for adding plug-in style decorations.
  • Poles are tapered, fluted aluminum tubes.
  • Poles include decoration hooks and banner arms.
  • Black powder-coated finish.

Decorative LED lighting monthly rate

As of September 30, 2021, the following rates apply per fixture.

Decorative lights Tariff sheet DLEDA7 Arlington DLEDG7 Granville DLEDE17 Esplanade
Minnesota 11.07 $87.77 $86.11 $110.56
North Dakota 11.07 $87.77 $86.11 $110.56
South Dakota 11.07 $87.77 $86.11 $111.27

Additional terms may apply. Please review Tariff sheet 11.07 for your applicable state.

Let's get started!

We’ll provide complimentary photometric design services with recommended pole and fixture spacing based on IES recommended light levels for various roadway classifications and products offered.

To request decorative lighting service call 800-493-3299 or email