Money Saving Rates

Using off-peak energy saves money

When you participate in our off-peak programs, you help us manage energy when demand is high—plus you get your energy at a lower rate! This helps us operate the electrical system more efficiently and keep rates as low as possible.

Explore our rate programs to find out how much you can save while still meeting your home energy needs. You’ll find that small adjustments to the way you use energy can make a big difference on how much you pay.

  • Air Conditioning Control (CoolSavings)
    Let us cycle your home air conditioning during summer peaks and receive a credit each month on your bill from June through September.
  • Deferred Load
    A discounted off-peak rate that works well with thermal-storage heating, water heating, and heat pump systems.
  • Dual Fuel
    Combine your fossil fuel furnace with an efficient electric heating option and heat your home with a rate that's less than half the standard price of electricity.
  • Fixed Time Of Delivery
    One of our lowest energy rates that delivers electricity during the same 8-hour period every day. It's designed to work with heating and cooling storage systems.
  • Residential Demand Control (RDC)
    Get a rate that will save you about 25% on all the electricity you use and help us manage occasional energy system peaks.
  • Water Heating
    Get a monthly bill credit or reduced rate when you let us control your water heater energy use during occasional system peak periods.

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