Air-Conditioning Control (CoolSavings)

Cycle your air conditioning and save $33 on cooling costs!

Allow us to cycle your home air conditioning during occasional periods of high energy demand, and you'll save $8.25 a month on your bill from June through September with our CoolSavings program.

How it works

We’ll install a radio receiver on your central air-conditioning unit at no charge. Then, during occasional periods of high demand on the electric system, we’ll cycle your air conditioner on and off every 15 minutes—keeping you cool and comfortable.

In return for helping us manage the electrical system during peak periods, which helps keep energy prices low, you’ll get an average credit of $8.25 on your electric bill each month from June through September.

Program eligibility and details

Our CoolSavings program is voluntary and free. However, you’ll need to participate for at least one year. To qualify:

  • You must have a central cooling system. Window units and ductless mini-split systems aren't eligible.
  • Your cooling unit must be on a Residential, Farm, or Residential Demand Control Rate.
  • You must have a disconnect located on the outside of your home. This is typically located near the central air conditioning unit (see photo at right).

Air-source and geothermal heat pumps may be included in this program if they’re not already served on another controlled-service rate, such as Dual Fuel or Deferred Load.

disconnect picture

You'll need a disconnect like this one outside your home.

Rate codes and terms

Enroll in CoolSavings

Apply online or fill out the application form and email or mail the completed form back to us.

Idea Center
Otter Tail Power Company
P.O. Box 496
Fergus Falls, MN 56538

After your form is received and your eligibility is verified, an electrician will come to your home to install a radio receiver at no cost.