Dual Fuel

Add electric heating, lower your rate

Combine your current fossil fuel furnace with an efficient, cost-effective electric heating option to take advantage of our Dual Fuel Rate. You’ll help us save energy and you’ll save money, with a rate about half the price per kilowatt-hour of our standard rate.

How it works

When you install an efficient electric heating option to supplement your current fossil-fuel-based heating system, you create a dual-fuel system.

In this type of system, electricity is the primary heating fuel used during normal off-peak conditions. A non-electric backup system (i.e., your current fossil fuel-based system) supplies heat during energy peak periods when energy control is needed to manage our electrical system.

During energy control events, your electric system is switched off and your back-up system is allowed to operate. This is done via a radio receiver installed near your meter. When energy control is no longer needed your system is returned to normal operation.

If you’re interested in converting to a dual-fuel system, learn which type of electric heating option may work best for you:

Your current heating system Best electric option* Description Advantage
Forced-air with ductwork  Plenum heater Installed where furnace and duct work systems meet. Air warms as it flows over heating elements inside the plenum. Low-cost solution for your entire space.
Air-source heat pump High-efficiency system that moves heat rather than making it. Cold-climate air-source heat pumps will operate at 200% efficiency or more at 0 degrees F. High efficiency and summertime cooling. With our Dual Fuel Rate, you may choose to have your air-source heat pump cycled on and off in 15-minute increments ONLY during peak summer control periods. You stay cool and save!
Fossil fuel boiler Electric boiler Compact. Heats water distributed to radiators, hydronic baseboards, or in-floor hydronic heating system. Easily connects into existing piping system.
If you have areas that aren't well heated, supplemental electric heat installed as part of a dual-fuel system can help keep every room comfortable.   Electric baseboard Units are installed near the floor. Low up-front cost. Zoned heating.
Cove heat Radiant heaters are installed near the ceiling. Zoned heating. Installed safely away from drapes, furniture, and children.
Ceiling panels Radiant panels embedded with heating cables are installed in the ceiling. Radiant heat provides instant, sunshine-like comfort.

* Electric heating applications may require electric service and wiring upgrades.

Program eligibility and details

To qualify for the dual fuel rate, you need permanently connected, interruptible heating loads (electric) with an alternate fuel backup system, such as a fossil fuel system. Water heaters also may be included on this rate when another interruptible load is in use.

We may control heating loads up to 24 hours a day and water heating loads up to 14 hours a day during peak or emergency conditions. In the summer months, heat pumps installed on this rate may be cycled 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off during occasional peak periods. Customers wishing to have their heat pump cycled during the summer season must request to be placed on the cycling rate option.

Rate codes and rates

Small Dual Fuel: 190

Small Dual Fuel with summer cycling: 185

Penalty: 882

This is for permanently connected interruptible heating loads with an alternate fuel backup system that is served with self-contained (typical) metering. You also may include water heaters on this rate when other interruptible load is in use. Heating loads may be controlled up to 24 hours a day and water-heating loads may be controlled up to 14 hours a day. Rate 185 allows for air-source heat pump loads to be cycled 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off during summer control periods.

  Minnesota North Dakota South Dakota
Customer charge $4.00 $2.00 $2.00
Monthly minimum bill Customer + facilities
Customer + facilities
Customer + facilities
Facility charge $8.00 $5.00 $5.00
Kilowatt-hour charge
June - September
5.568¢ 3.289¢ 1.050¢
Kilowatt-hour charge
October - May
5.223¢ 3.081¢ 1.386¢
Penalty charge /kWh
39.803¢ 38.606¢ 16.403¢
Penalty charge /kWh
19.978¢ 12.924¢ 17.697¢
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Ready to enroll in the Dual Fuel Rate?

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To enroll in this rate program, contact the Customer Service Center at 800-257-4044.

For help in selecting which electric technology option is best for you, contact the Idea Center at 800-493-3299.