Rebates and Savings

Cut costs with energy-saving rebates and programs

From efficient technology rebates to bill credits and off-peak rates, we offer a variety of ways to save energy and reduce your costs. Explore our programs below. Questions? Contact our Idea Center online or by calling 800-493-3299 during business hours.

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  • Appliance rebates
    Purchase and install a new qualifying ENERGY STAR® rated refrigerator, freezer, clothes washer, and/or electric clothes dryer and receive a $50 rebate. Limit one rebate per appliance type.
  • Appliance recycling
    Recycle up to two old, working refrigerators or freezers per year and receive a $50 rebate per item. During the same appointment recycle a working but inefficient window air conditioner for a $25 rebate and/or a dehumidifier for a $10 rebate.
  • Electric vehicle charging station
    Install a Level 2 charging station that's served through a qualified off-peak rate and get a $400 rebate.
  • Heat pumps
    Install a qualified air-source, cold-climate, or geothermal heat pump and receive a generous rebate. $400 per ton for standard air-source units; $500 to $700 per ton for ductless cold-climate units; $700 to $900 per ton for ducted cold-climate systems; and $1,200 per ton for qualified geothermal systems. Rebates are based on the type of heat pump, efficiency ratings, and/or the rate on which it's served.
  • Home insulation
    Upgrade your home’s insulation and get up to $1,400 in rebates. Work must be completed by a licensed contractor.
  • Lighting
    Save on energy-efficient LEDs with instant in-store rebates at select retailers. Rebates for hardwired retrofit lighting and new construction lighting fixtures also are available. Rebate is based on watts saved. Rebate must exceed $20.
  • Electric plenum heater, electric boiler, or electric furnace
    Install a qualified electric plenum heater, electric boiler, or electric furnace on our Dual Fuel or Residential Demand Control Rate. Receive a $500 per unit rebate when you install a 9 kilowatt (kW) to 25 kW unit. Receive $20 per kW on units 25 kW and larger. Rebates totaling more than $10,000 require prior approval.
  • Smart thermostats
    Install an eligible Tier II or Tier III smart thermostat and qualify for a $35 to $150 rebate. One rebate per household. Rebate based on model tier level and home heating and cooling fuel.
  • Thermal storage
    Install a thermal-storage heating system on a qualified off-peak rate to receive a $40 per kW rebate on a maximum of 500 kW installed. Rebates totaling more than $10,000 require prior approval.
  • Water heaters
    Install an electric water heater with a minimum 90% efficiency on an off-peak rate and get a rebate of up to $300.

Bill incentives

  • Air-conditioning control (CoolSavings)
    During occasional periods of high energy demand, allow us to cycle your home air conditioning and save $8.25 a month on your bill from June through September.
  • Water heating control 
    No need to install a second meter to save on water heating costs. Units served through your general service panel are eligible for an $8 per month bill credit when you allow us to control your water heater during periods of peak energy demand.

Conservation programs

  • Home Transformer
    Assess your home’s efficiency, get free energy-saving products, and find out how to lower your electric bill with an expert home evaluation. (Available in limited areas.)
  • House Therapy
    Our income-qualified program offers free energy-saving services to replace inefficient appliances and weatherize homes for eligible customers as well as for low-income multifamily buildings and homes.

Save with off-peak rates

See if one of our money saving rates can meet your energy needs and reduce your bills.

Analyze your home energy use

Take a look at how you're using energy and find ways to lower your use—and costs—with our free Home Energy Analyzer tool.