Rebates and Savings

Cut costs with energy-saving rebates and programs

From efficient technology rebates to bill credits and off-peak rates, we offer a variety of ways to save energy and reduce your costs.

Explore our programs below. Questions? Contact our Idea Center online or by calling 800-493-3299 during business hours, or reach out to one of our Energy Management Representatives. You also can complete an online application or download the rebate application form that applies to several of our incentives.

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  • Appliance recycling
    Recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer. We’ll provide free pick up and a $50 rebate per item. Limit two items per year.
  • Electric vehicle charging station
    Install a Level 2 charging station that's served through a qualified off-peak rate and get a $400 rebate.
  • Electronically commutated motors (ECM)
    Receive a $100 rebate for installing a new fan-forced heating system equipped with an ECM. Rebate does not apply to ECMs integrated with heat pumps.
  • Heat pumps
    Install a qualified air-source, cold-climate, or geothermal heat pump and receive a generous rebate. $400 per ton for standard air-source units; $500 to $700 per ton for ductless cold-climate units; $700 to $900 per ton for ducted cold-climate systems; and $1,000 per ton for qualified geothermal systems. Rebates are based on the type of heat pump, efficiency ratings, and/or the rate on which it's served.
  • Home insulation
    Upgrade your home’s insulation and get up to $1,400 in rebates.
  • Lighting
    Save on energy-efficient LEDs with instant in-store rebates at select retailers.
  • Electric plenum heater, electric boiler, or electric furnace
    Install a qualified electric plenum heater, electric boiler, or electric furnace on our Dual Fuel or Residential Demand Control Rate. Receive a $500 per unit rebate when you install a 9 kilowatt (kW) to 20 kW unit. Receive $25 per kW on units 21 kW and larger. Rebates totaling more than $10,000 require prior approval.
  • Smart thermostats
    Install an eligible Tier II or Tier III smart thermostat and qualify for a $35 to $150 rebate. One rebate per household. Rebate based on model tier level and home heating and cooling fuel.
  • Thermal storage
    Install a thermal-storage heating system on a qualified off-peak rate to receive a $50 per kW rebate on a maximum of 500 kW installed. Rebates totaling more than $10,000 require prior approval.
  • Water heaters
    Install an electric water heater with a minimum 90% efficiency on an off-peak rate and get a rebate of up to $400.

Bill incentives

  • Air-conditioning control (CoolSavings)
    During occasional periods of high energy demand, allow us to cycle your home air conditioning and save $8.25 a month on your bill from June through September.
  • Water heating control 
    No need to install a second meter to save on water heating costs. Units served through your general service panel are eligible for an $8 per month bill credit when you allow us to control your water heater during periods of peak energy demand.

Conservation programs

  • Home Transformer
    Assess your home’s efficiency, get free energy-saving products, and find out how to lower your electric bill with an expert home evaluation. (Available in limited areas.)
  • House Therapy
    Our income-qualified program offers free energy-saving services to replace inefficient appliances and weatherize homes for eligible customers as well as for low-income multifamily buildings and homes.

Save with off-peak rates

See if one of our money saving rates can meet your energy needs and reduce your bills.

Analyze your home energy use

Take a look at how you're using energy and find ways to lower your use—and costs—with our free Home Energy Analyzer tool.