Rebate Application

Required for most equipment rebates

To apply for a rebate, submit detailed receipts, documentation of installed equipment, and signed rebate form.

  1. Receipts must include equipment specifications, manufacturer, and model numbers.
  2. Bids and quotes are not acceptable proof of purchase.
  3. Acceptable proof of equipment efficiency includes AHRI certificates ( or manufacturer specification sheets with proof of efficiency levels or ENERGY STARĀ® ratings for the model installed.
  4. Any other documentation of equipment efficiency must receive prior approval.
  5. Include a signed rebate application form if you're requesting a heat pump, electric plenum heater, electric boiler, electric furnace, water heater, electric vehicle charging station, or thermal storage system rebate.

For other program rebates and incentives, your Service Representative or Energy Management Representative will assist with your application.

Rebate and incentive programs are subject to funding limitations and may change without notice.

Apply for rebates online and check rebate status

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