Opt for high-efficiency refrigeration

Energy use isn’t just about how much your equipment is using—it’s also about how efficiently it’s using that energy. Understanding how much energy your refrigeration systems use, and when it might be time to replace those systems, is essential in keeping your energy costs as low as possible.

Consider this: Refrigeration may account for 16–18% of energy use in your business. And if you’re running a grocery store, that number can jump to 50%. Just a 10% reduction in energy costs through new, efficient refrigeration equipment can increase your net profit margin by 16%.

Tips for reducing your refrigeration energy use

  • Think before you open. The longer a refrigerator door remains open, the more cool air you’ll lose, causing the motor to run more often.
  • Set refrigerator temperatures at 40° F and freezers at 0° F for greatest efficiency.

Analyze and manage your energy use

Is your business on interval metering? Find out how much energy you’re using and how you can lower your use—and costs—with our PowerProfiler tool.