Water Heating

Save with electric water heating

Electric water heaters operate at up to 96% efficiency, with heat pump water heaters exceeding 200% efficiency. That means they waste almost no energy—or money. Compare that to fossil-fuel models that are at best 90% efficient.

Several electric water heater options are available:

We offer several ways to help you save with electric water heating, including generous rebates. And to save every month, water heaters also may be installed on certain electric space-heating rates, including our Dual Fuel, Deferred Load, and Residential Demand Control Rates, which are 30-50% less than our standard rates. An alternative we offer to customers not interested in, or not able to install a separate service panel, is an $8 monthly bill credit in return for allowing us to control water heaters wired to their firm-service meters.

See what you could save with electric water heating

Use our water heating rate comparison calculator to see which rates could meet your energy needs and save you money.