Commercial Water Heaters

Efficient water heating for your family

Commercial light-duty water heaters can heat water to 180° F and are available in sizes greater than 100 gallons. They provide another option if you use a lot of water in your home and are participating on an energy control program.

The benefits of commercial water heaters

While these units are more expensive than standard tank models, they tend to pay off long term for households with high water use because they’re designed to heat larger amounts of water more efficiently.

Commercial water heaters may be placed on one of our off-peak money saving rates and are eligible for rebates.

How commercial water heaters work

Commercial electric water heaters are tank-style heaters with heating elements controlled by a thermostat. They heat the water in the tank to a desired temperature and are available in heavy-duty and light-duty designs. Where these units are installed for domestic hot water use, a lower temperature must be set or a mixing valve installed to avoid scalding burns.