Storage Tank Water Heaters

Options for every need

Standard tank-style residential electric water heaters commonly are available with 30-, 40-, and 50-gallon sizes. And 80-gallon and larger light duty commercial storage tank options are available for households with heavier hot water requirements or for small commercial needs. 

The benefits of storage tank water heaters

Electric tank-style water heaters efficiently heat and store abundant supplies of hot water. This proven technology is among the lowest cost option for hot water supplies. And with no fuel lines, combustion, or combustion by-products, it's a safe and clean option for homes and businesses.

A storage tank water heater can meet all your hot-water needs for $30 a month or less on our discounted off-peak rates.

Rebates are available.

How storage tank water heaters work

Customers often ask if they can install a commonly-available 50-gallon water heater on an off-peak rate to take advantage of the discounted rates available. The answer is yes! While we've recommended larger units for larger families to ensure an adequate hot water supply, a 50-gallon unit will work for smaller households and those that use a moderate amount of hot water.

Where a larger supply is needed to supply adequate hot water, customers may want to ask their plumber to install a mixing valve. Adding a mixing valve allows you to set the water temperature to a higher setting without the risk of scalding. The valve mixes cold water with the hot water flowing from your water heater to provide water at a safe and comfortable temperature at the faucet. And doing so increases the available hot water supply.

Mixing valve diagram

Mixing valve extends hot water supply and prevents scalding.