December 16, 2022


Astoria View

After years of planning and two years of construction and testing, Astoria Station now is part of the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) energy market, allowing MISO to economically dispatch the unit. Located in Deuel County, South Dakota, this 245-megawatt (MW) simple-cycle natural gas combustion turbine stands ready and able to generate reliable electricity our customers can count on.

Hlp Sign

As we plan to meet our customers’ energy needs both now and into the future, we’re making significant changes to our energy generation fleet.

Habitat Cropped

In 2020 the Otter Tail Power Company Foundation provided donations that helped local organizations fund medical and safety supplies, build homes for those in need, offer student scholarships, provide meals for those who are hungry, educate young minds, and support local art, recreation, and nature facilities. And it prioritized charitable giving to organizations supporting those affected by COVID-19.