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Media contact

Stephanie Hoff
Director, Communications

Company news

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Tim Rogelstad officer photo
Timothy J. Rogelstad
Mark Bring officer photo
Mark B. Bring
Director, Public Policy and Government Affairs
Bruce G. Gerhardson
Bruce G. Gerhardson
Vice President, Regulation and Retail Energy Solutions
Stephanie Hoff
Stephanie A. Hoff
Director, Communications
Officer photo Don Redden
Don L. Redden
Vice President, Information Technology
Steve J. Schoeneck
Vice President, Customer Service
Jennifer Smestad officer photo
Jennifer O. Smestad
General Counsel and Vice President, Legal Affairs
JoAnn Thompson officer photo
JoAnn M. Thompson
Vice President, Asset Management
Brad Tollerson officer photo
Bradley E. Tollerson
Vice President, Energy Supply
Todd R. Wahlund
Todd R. Wahlund
Chief Financial Officer
Pete Wasberg officer photo
Peter E. Wasberg
Director, Human Resources and Safety


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