Energy Control

Energy control (sometimes referred to as direct load control) is a program in which our customers can choose to participate. It’s a true partnership between our customers and our company because it:

  • Allows customers to buy electricity for 30 percent to 50 percent less than the price of our standard (uncontrolled) service rate.
  • Helps us reduce and better manage the load on our lines—and avoid unplanned and high-priced energy purchases.

Below are typical questions that we hear about energy control.

  • What Happens When You Control Energy?

    Only customers who have signed up to save money with special off-peak rates are subject to energy control. About 40,000 (or about one-third) of our customers participate in one of these off-peak rates.

    During an energy-control event we send a radio signal to a receiver installed near those customers' electric meters. The radio signal activates a switch, which turns off those customers' connected equipment. When demand conditions improve, a second radio signal returns that equipment to normal operation.

  • Do Participants Receive Energy-Control Notification?

    Customers who wish to be notified about anticipated or current energy control can sign up for energy control notices.

    Anticipated energy control and current energy control information also is available 24/7. 

  • When Do Participants Experience Energy Control?

    Energy control most often is required:

    • When a large number of our customers use a lot of electrical devices at the same time, creating periods of high demand for electricity. These periods historically have occurred during extreme weather conditions. Just think of those frigid winter days when your heating system runs often—or those hot and humid summer afternoons when your air-conditioning system is working overtime!
    • During testing or emergency periods. For example, while our crews are restoring power after a storm.
    • When we need to buy energy to supplement or replace the power that our own generation resources produce. If energy prices on the wholesale market are higher than our own power-generation costs, we control the flow of electricity to help keep costs under control—which helps to keep our rates affordable.

Small Dual-fuel Systems are Subject to Summer Energy Control

Energy Control Systems served on our Small Dual Fuel Rate may experience periods of energy control during the summer season (June through September).

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