Energy Control

About one-third of our customers participate in one of our optional off-peak rate programs. In exchange for receiving a discounted energy price, these customers are subject to energy control. Energy control programs are a true partnership between our customers and our company. And only customers that choose to partner with us in this way experience direct energy control. 

  • Customers can buy electricity for 25% to 50% less than the price of our standard, uncontrolled, firm-service rate. 
  • We can better manage the load on our lines and avoid unplanned and high-priced energy purchases. This is one way we keep our rates among the lowest available. 

Energy control FAQs

During an energy-control event, we send a radio signal to a receiver installed near a customer's off-peak electric meter. The radio signal activates a switch, which turns off the connected equipment. When demand conditions improve, a second radio signal returns the equipment to normal operation.

We often control energy during the following:

  • Periods of high demand. This may occur when customers use multiple electrical devices at the same time or during extreme weather conditions.
  • Testing or system maintenance. This may occur while our crews are restoring power after a storm.

Periods of high-priced wholesale energy. At times when energy on the wholesale market is selling at higher prices and energy use is above our forecasts, we control to reduce demand and control costs. This helps us keep our energy prices low for all customers.

Customers who wish to receive alerts about energy control events that affect their energy service may do so by signing up through our My Account portal. You’ll need your account number and service location zip code to register. 

We also post anticipated energy control and current and recent energy control information on our website.