How to Read My Bill

Your electric service bill includes a lot of information. These sample bills provide a detailed explanation of your bill components, so you can understand what it all means.

Proration of seasonal rates

We’re now prorating the appropriate seasonal rate to your energy usage and, if applicable, demand usage based on the month in which they were consumed. We’ll prorate services to the billing period in which they were consumed based on a computed daily average shown in the chart below. For customer and fixed charges, we’re computing a daily average price. For consumption-based charges, we’re computing a daily average demand and daily average energy. The table below shows the new calculation, effective February 1, 2019, for all customer classes.

Read dates December 11, 2018 January 9, 2019
Recorded energy usage 0 kWh 600 kWh
Rate season Winter Winter
Number of days in billing period per season 20 9
Proration for fixed charges
[i.e. Customer Charge, Fixed Facilities Charge]
(days in the billing period / [365 days/12 months])
$9.30 Customer Charge
($9.75 x [29 days/30.416667 days])
Proration for consumption
(600 kWh / (days in the billing period)) = 20.689655 kWh/day
413.793103 kWh
(20 days x 20.689655 kWh/day)
186.206897 kWh
(9 days x 20.689655 kWh/day)