December 21, 2017

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Now Available In Jamestown

Otter Tail Power Company Partners With Local Organizations To Provide And Install Equipment

Jamestown now has two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations available to city residents and visitors. Otter Tail Power Company partnered with the National Buffalo Museum, University of Jamestown, Scotts Electric, and Williams Construction to provide the charging stations and related equipment.

Drivers can find one Level 2 32-Amp charging station in the National Buffalo Museum parking lot and one just north of the University of Jamestown’s Sorkness Center. Charging is free. “We’re excited to offer one of the charging stations outside of our museum,” said National Buffalo Museum Executive Director Ilana Xinos. “It gives us a chance to showcase our location to some who may not have stopped otherwise.”

University of Jamestown Vice President of Planning and Administration Tom Heck said that electric vehicles are the wave of the future. “We’re thrilled to add a charging station to our campus,” said Heck. “We see more and more electric vehicles headed this way. As a progressive university we want to be at the forefront of this technology.”

The Clipper Creek HCS-40, 7.7-kilowatt charging stations are compatible with all plug-in vehicles and include a 25-foot charging cable. The hybrid 2017 Chevy Volt, for example, would take approximately 4.5 hours to charge to its full 53-mile electric range and 420-mile total range. “EVs are becoming a great option in our area since new technology continues to offer a longer range,” said Otter Tail Power Company Energy Management Representative Bob Sitzmann. “We’re proud to partner with these Jamestown organizations to provide the charging stations.”

EV drivers can find the charging stations on PlugShare, an application that provides locations for electric vehicle chargers.