December 20, 2023

New EV charging stations

Expanding access to fast-charging sites in time for holiday travel

Before you hit the road over the holidays, you might think about where you’ll stop to eat, sleep, or fill up your tank with gas. Electric vehicle (EV) owners often plan travel around charging locations. In partnership with communities and local businesses, we recently completed the installation of fast-charging stations in Dawson, Fergus Falls, Hallock, Mahnomen, Morris, and Perham, Minnesota.

“We’re aiming to enhance EV infrastructure and support the growing adoption of EVs,” said Customer Technology Specialist Luke Meech. “Plug into one of these stations for a fast charge on your next trip!”

The level 2 charging stations noted aren’t company owned, but stations we've contributed to.  

Increasing awareness and access
Range anxiety can be a common barrier to purchasing an EV. We're working to lessen this anxiety and remove obstacles to EV adoption by making charging more accessible throughout our service area. Following approval from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, in 2022 our company began work to construct 11 total direct-current fast chargers throughout Minnesota. In addition to the 6 recently completed sites, we'll complete 5 fast-charging stations in Battle Lake, Bemidji, Crookston, Erskine, and Lake Benton, Minnesota, by the end of 2024.  

“Our data shows that drivers typically spend 20 to 30 minutes charging at similar sites,” said Meech. “Once we’ve installed all 11 sites, 100 percent of our Minnesota customers will be within 45 miles of a charging station—and 97 percent will be within 30 miles.”

Offering EV savings
We offer rebates to customers who install Level 2 charging stations on qualified off-peak rates. And our Drive On Electric Vehicle Rate lets customers charge their cars for less than half the standard rate. Learn more about our EV charging options, rates and rebates, and find site-specific details and information at

Our partnership site with Tesla in Fergus Falls is one of the largest fast-charging stations in Minnesota.

Our partnership site with Tesla in Fergus Falls is one of the largest fast-charging stations in Minnesota.