October 25, 2018

October is National Energy Awareness Month

Otter Tail Power Company Offers Many Ways To Save Through Energy Efficiency

While every month is energy awareness month at Otter Tail Power Company, this October the company challenges its customers to find new ways to save during National Energy Awareness Month.

Shred your heating bills with a cold-climate heat pump

It’s not a furnace. And it’s not an air conditioner. It’s both! A cold-climate heat pump (CCHP) can lower your heating costs considerably and double as a cooling system in the summer. Fact is, it’ll keep your home comfortable whatever the weather.

CCHPs operate at approximately 400% efficiency at 47°F or above, and when temps drop to zero a CCHP can sustain efficiencies of approximately 200% or more. “That means CCHPs deliver two to four units of energy for every one unit of energy consumed,” said Otter Tail Power Company Market Planning Manager Jason Grenier. “CCHPs are ideal for our northern climate because they’re able to provide up to 90% of your space-heating needs. And we offer generous rebates to help you save.” Installing a CCHP may qualify you for a rebate of $500 per ton. That’s $1,500 to $2,000 for a typical home!

Set up your preferences and let your smart thermostat take it from there!

Install a smart thermostat, set up your preferences, and start saving money and energy!

A smart thermostat lets you automatically control your home’s heating and air conditioning—from anywhere! It can:

  • Allow you to manage your home’s settings from any device that’s connected to the Internet (like your smartphone or tablet).
  • Help you save energy—and money—by managing a schedule to control the temperature of your home.
  • Advanced models can learn your home energy use preferences over time to make automatic adjustments.

We offer rebates on smart thermostats too. “If your home's primary heat is electric and you install a qualified smart thermostat model, we’ll provide you with a $100 to $150 rebate,” said Grenier. Customers with electric cooling but without electric heating may qualify for a $35 or $50 rebate.

Commercial Direct Install program offers commercial and industrial customers ways to save
This November Otter Tail Power Company is offering an energy-efficiency assessment to local small- and mid-sized businesses in Perham, Fertile, and Twin Valley, Minnesota, through its Commercial Direct Install program. “This free assessment includes installation of LED bulbs, faucet aerators, water pipe insulation, cold-beverage vending machine controllers, and LED exit signs,” said Grenier. “Our business owners are seeing real cost savings as a result of energy-efficient additions, plus it’s a great opportunity for us to talk with them about quick, easy, and affordable measures that have a direct and immediate impact on reducing energy bills.”

To learn more about additional energy-efficient technologies, call 800-493-3299 or visit otpco.com/WaysToSave.