September 15, 2016

Sisseton High School receives $49,450 rebate for lighting upgrades

LED lightbulb


Sisseton High School earned a rebate check for $49,450 from Otter Tail Power Company for their recent lighting upgrade. In total, the Sisseton School District has used our company’s South Dakota Energy Efficiency Plan to receive more than $105,000 for district-wide upgrades over the past several years.

In the recent lighting retrofit, the district replaced T12 fluorescent and high-wattage metal halide fixtures with high-efficiency light-emitting diode (LED). LEDs use less energy and last longer than most bulbs while providing a bright, white light. With an expected annual savings of $18,000, the lighting project will be paid off in less than five years.

“LEDs have an expected life of ten years or more,” said Otter Tail Power Company Energy Management Representative Brad Nelson. “So the district won’t have the maintenance costs associated with changing bulbs or materials in the coming years.”

While school staff appreciates the energy and money savings, not waiting for lights to warm up to full brightness is an added perk. “Our faculty and coaches love the instant-on and instant-off of the LEDs,” said Sisseton Public Schools Maintenance Supervisor David Peterson. “The immediate, crisp light has been a huge improvement.”

Otter Tail Power Company’s South Dakota Energy Efficiency Plan provides rebates, grants, education, and special programs to encourage individuals and businesses to use electricity wisely. Learn more about this program at