March 02, 2021

Supporting Relay for Life

Each of us has countless ways in which we can be involved in our communities to make a meaningful impact. We encourage our employees to be a part of their communities in ways that matter most to them.

Every summer Otter Tail Power Company’s Fergus Falls Relay for Life team participates in the West Otter Tail Relay for Life event to raise money for the American Cancer Society, which funds cancer research and Hope Lodge stays for those impacted by cancer. The team holds events, such as bake sales, auctions, and picnics, to raise money and awareness. Although regular events couldn’t happen as planned in 2020, the team was able to safely host a drive-through event to raise money.

“When we have fundraisers that are fully endorsed and supported by our management, we get a lot of people to come out,” said Delivery Planning Department Assistant Kristi Bakken. “For being such a small area, we have great teams, fundraisers, and people who really back it for us.”

Supporting Relay for Life is one of many ways we make our Otter Impact in the communities we serve. To learn more visit