July 21, 2021

We commemorated Hoot Lake Plant

Event highlights plant’s people and service

We retired Hoot Lake Plant on May 27 this year, marking the end of 100 years of coal-fired energy generation at the site. Today we commemorated the plant’s legacy of safe, reliable generation—and its dependable, innovative employees.

Hoot Lake Plant is a 140-megawatt (MW) coal-fired generating facility in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

“Throughout its 100-year history, Hoot Lake Plant has generated more than electricity for our customers, company, and communities—it’s been a place where our employees worked to safely provide an essential service, especially during times when it was most needed, as well as a place where careers, relationships, and memories began and grew,” said President Tim Rogelstad. “The plant is just one example of how our company has risen to meet the needs of our many stakeholders, but it’s the people and spirit of our company that truly made it possible. And that legacy of people and perseverance will remain.” 

Video documentary highlights plant’s history

While COVID-19 and other safety precautions prevent in-person tours of the plant, we invite you onsite virtually through a video documentary:

 You'll also find a 360-degree tour at otpco.com/HootLakePlant.

“Whether you worked at, visited, or simply supported Hoot Lake Plant’s operations and contributions, thank you for your part in its legacy,” said Rogelstad.

Photo caption: Current and former plant employees gather for a photo at today's event.