Watch out for email and phone scams

Be aware of email and phone scams


Scammers targeting Otter Tail Power Company customers

Otter Tail Power Company is aware of recent scam activity throughout its service area. “Scammers are targeting both our residential customers and business customers,” said Customer Care Supervisor Collin Kremeier. “And they’re increasingly convincing, requiring urgent payments to avoid disconnection. We’ll never pressure you to make immediate payments, especially through services like MoneyPak, MoneyGram, or pre-paid credit cards.”

Kremeier outlines these red flags if you receive suspicious contact from a possible scammer:

  • The caller sa…
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Electricity and water don’t mix


With warmer temperatures on the horizon and large amounts of snow across much of its service area, Otter Tail Power Company reminds customers and neighbors that electricity and water don’t mix.

High water levels and flooded areas could increase the potential for accidental contact with electricity. Otter Tail Power Company’s Safety Services Manager Greg Overland advises residents and visitors to the area to stay away from water that may be in contact with any electri…

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Otter Tail Power Company urges snowmobiling safety


Snowmobiling had its start as a recreational sport in northern Minnesota in 1955, according to the Minnesota Historical Society. In April 1968 Ralph Plaisted of St. Paul, Minnesota, further popularized snowmobiling when he and his expedition reached the North Pole on snowmobiles, being the first mechanized expedition to accomplish such a feat.

No doubt, snowmobiling is a popular activity in Otter Tail Power Company’s service area in west central Mi…

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Otter Tail Power Company offers tips for buying and using portable electric space heaters

Otter Tail Power Company offers tips for buying and using portable electric space heaters


Many people use portable heaters to add warmth to select areas in their homes rather than increase thermostat settings. To help ensure efficiency and safety, Otter Tail Power Company offers these tips for buying and using portable electric space heaters.

  • Don't believe claims of added efficiency on overpriced electric space heaters. All electric space heaters operate at 100 percent efficiency. Because they con…
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Otter Tail Power Company is lighting up the holiday season with LED events

Donate a bag of food for the Food Shelf in exchange for new LED holiday lights

Have you upgraded to light-emitting diode (LED) holiday lights? If not, consider making the switch this year. On Wednesday, November 28, and Thursday, November 29, Otter Tail Power Company will host holiday light exchanges in Bemidji and Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Simply bring a bag of non-perishable food in exchange for up to five strings of LED holiday lights. “For some, the hardest part of the holiday season is putting food on the table,” said Otter Tail Power Company Senior Market Planning Specialist Brenda Sandahl. “T…

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October is National Energy Awareness Month

Otter Tail Power Company offers many ways to save through energy efficiency

While every month is energy awareness month at Otter Tail Power Company, this October the company challenges its customers to find new ways to save during National Energy Awareness Month.

Shred your heating bills with a cold-climate heat pump
It’s not a furnace. And it’s not an air conditioner. It’s both! A cold-climate heat pump (CCHP) can lower your heating costs considerably and double as a cooling system in the summer. Fact is, it’ll keep your home comfortable whatever the weather.

CCHPs operate at approximately 400% efficiency at 47°F or above, and wh…

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Stay safe and productive this harvest season

Remember to be vigilant around utility equipment

Harvest is one of the busiest times of the year. Otter Tail Power Company reminds farmers to stay safe by paying as much attention to what’s above their heads and within reach of their machinery as they do to their harvesting and tillage work, says Greg Overland, the company’s Safety Services Manager.

“When you’re working long hours or rushing to beat the weather, it’s easy to overlook power lines and related equipment,” says Overland. “But it’s important to plan ahead and caution employees and family members working with you about potenti…

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May is National Electrical Safety Month

Stay safe and call before you dig

May is National Electrical Safety Month


Nice weather frequently brings outdoor construction, yard work, and planting projects. During National Electrical Safety Month, Otter Tail Power Company reminds customers and neighbors to call 811 before digging to prevent unintentionally hitting underground utility lines.

Every digging project—whether rural or urban, large or small—requires a call to the national 811 One Call center at least 48 hours before you start. This means calling no later than Wednesday for a weekend project. When you dial 811, you’ll con…

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Take these precautions to prevent slips, trips, and falls

Hazard signs


As spring approaches, construction, yard work, and spring cleaning soon will be in full swing. Otter Tail Power Company’s Safety Services Manager Greg Overland encourages customers and neighbors to follow these tips from the National Safety Council to avoid slips, trips, and falls as we become more active with warmer weather.

“Falls are the third leading cause of unintentional death in the United States, according to the National Safety Council.” said Overland. “When we’re focusing on a task, we may become preoccupied, missing …

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UPDATE: Just as Hurricane Irma’s destruction was wide-spread, powerful, and unprecedented—so are response and recovery efforts

OTPCo crews leave for Florida


On September 11, at Hurricane Irma’s peak, more than 7.8 million customers were without power in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina—leading to one of the largest restoration efforts in United States history. The response to Irma was swift and efficient with more than 60,000 electrical workers from across the country working around the clock to rebuild infrastructure and restore power. As of last night (Wednesday) at 7 p.m., crews already restored more than half of the outages.

As the largest power restoration effort in United States history, the effort requires precise planning and extensive collaboration.

At 6…

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We earned Emergency Recovery Award for restoration efforts after Christmas Day storm

storm repair


The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) presented Otter Tail Power Company with the association’s Emergency Recovery Award for its outstanding restoration efforts after a snow and ice storm hit South Dakota on Christmas Day.

EEI presents the award twice annually to EEI member companies to recognize their extraordinary efforts to restore service to customers after severe weather conditions cause service disruptions. A panel of judges chose the winners following an international nomination process, and EEI presented the awards during their annual convention in Boston.

On Christmas Day freezing rain and high winds hit South Dakota. Mor…

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Be prepared for summer storms

Water, blanket, radio, flashlight, batteries


Unpredictable summer storms can cause electrical outages. To help our customers and neighbors prepare for severe summer weather, Otter Tail Power Company has storm readiness information on our website at The information includes tips for developing a family disaster plan, suggestions for assembling a storm kit, and procedures to follow during a storm. We also suggest that customers follow us on Twitter for updates during significant outages.

Otter Tail Power Company Safety Services Manager Greg Overland advises residents and visitors in the area to keep ahead of storms by listening to …

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