October 03, 2018

Strand Kjorsvig Community Rest Home Receives Rebate From Otter Tail Power Company

Completes Upgrade To Energy-saving Heating And Cooling System

With the help of a $6,000 rebate from Otter Tail Power Company, Strand Kjorsvig Community Rest Home completed a recent upgrade to a new energy-efficient heating and cooling system.

After completing a heat loss comparison on fuel usage, Otter Tail Power Company determined Strand Kjorsvig Community Rest Home could greatly benefit by switching to a cold-climate heat pump system. “By installing a cold-climate heat pump on our off-peak Dual Fuel Rate instead of our standard electric rate, the rest home will see a savings of approximately $7,000 a year on energy costs,” said Otter Tail Power Company Energy Management Representative Brad Nelson.

Cold-climate heat pumps (CCHPs) operate with almost 400 percent efficiency at 47°F or above and can sustain efficiencies of approximately 200 percent when temperatures drop to 0°F. CCHPs are so efficient they're able to provide up to 90 percent of space heating needs. This makes them one of the most efficient electric heating options available today. And just like other heat pumps, a CCHP doubles as a cooling system during the summer season.

Residents and staff have already noticed a difference. “After operating propane furnaces for the last 20 years, our new cold-climate heat pump system is already proving beneficial,” said Strand Kjorsvig Community Rest Home Manager Shannon Schmidt. “We’re enjoying steady temperatures and reliable humidity control.”

CCHPs quickly reach and maintain desired temperatures for steady comfort, operate with less noise, and alter compressor speeds—reducing energy consumption and operating costs. To learn more about the benefits of installing a CCHP and available rebates, visit otpco.com/GoHeatPump.

Photo caption: Otter Tail Power Company Service Representative Jason Bear (right) presents a rebate check to Strand Kjorsvig Community Rest Home Manager Shannon Schmidt.