Cold-Climate Heat Pump

Efficient in all extremes

Where we live, we need all the tools for Mother Nature's extremes—whether it's hot or cold, or hot again, or back to cold. Keeping your home comfortable all year is simple with a cold-climate heat pump. It cools and heats your home through all the extremes with the highest efficiency, so you save money.

A cold-climate heat pump operates at nearly 400% efficiency at 47°F or above. When temps drop to zero, it can sustain efficiencies of about 200%. That means it delivers two to four units of heating energy for every one unit of energy consumed.

Upgrade your home to efficient technology, low off-peak rates, and year-round comfort whether it’s cooling or heating. Our rebates and new federal tax credits make it smarter than ever.

Email or call our Idea Center at 800-493-3299 to find out if a cold-climate heat pump is right for you. Or download our rebate form today.

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